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Why at all clothing?

There are good reasons to wear clothing, such as protecting the body from the cold, against (excessive) sun exposure or injury or for hygienic reasons.

Indigenous peoples in warm regions have always been undressed, because there was no reason for clothing (otherwise)...

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Shame comes from feeling ashamed!

There is no reason to be ashamed of our own bodies! Not even in the name of religion or faith, because if a person who has faith believes that he is as he is and was created, then there is no reason to feel ashamed about the body that one was born with.

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You must protect the children...

Children have the least problems being unclothed alone and being unclothed with adults. The “shame of nudity” is instilled, some by their family, but mostly by the community! Thus (at least initially) children are totally natural around unclothed adults.

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I can not afford it...

Nobody (!) ought to be ashamed of their own appearance, regardless of age, body condition (thin heavy etc), disabled, or scarred. -of course, aesthetics can be discussed, but everyone has the right to enjoy the natural beauty!

If you look at people with an open mind, then the "lower parts” all become a natural part of every human being and soon become as common to view as an arm or leg. If you assume that there are more than about 8 billion people in the world, and about half of them women and the other half men, all (without clothes) observed from the back are equal and observed from the front side there are only 2 different characteristics - that's all!

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Naturists are ordinary people, not weirdos of perverts

There are (already) many millions people taking nudist-holidays, or are at least temporarily unclothed at beaches and lakes! A lot of people have no problem "showing” themselves undressed in front of strangers (the stranger I will never see again...), but within the own family, it is often unfortunately contrary and here it should also be natural!

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Undressed is healthier

It is often funny to observe, while hiding behind a constantly slipping towel, as someone tries to change a wet bathing suit. Just leaving the wet stuff on is also not a really good idea, for this may cause illness such as a cold or arthritis.

For me it's just an icky feeling when I must wear a wet swimsuit!

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Enjoying sun and wind all over your body and a seamless tan

should everyone (!) just try and feel what a great (body and freedom) experience it is to be unclothed in nature and to feel the wind and the sun or to play with the children or others on the beaches or elsewhere, to swim or to walk or making sports!... There is no rational reason why some parts of the body may never get sun (but be careful at the first time ;-) Who has not ever looked at his or her great holiday tan undressed in front of a mirror and then recognize how “good” that looks... I wear my seamless tan with pride and have no problem showing it - because we all are nothing but nature!


At the end only one question remains. Where does my opinion come from, the bad feeling or cramps in the pit of your stomach – I shouldn't do that, or... you shouldn't do that, or... I "cannot” do that? It is all only social conditioning, nothing more. Try it the first time in a secured private area, such as in the outdoor area of a sauna, at the "lonely" lake or as a "trial" in a nudist club!

It takes a “leap of faith” to do it the first time, but believe me: it's worth it!

Get free, by making yourself "free" :-) !

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